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Bandit by Jochimus Bandit by Jochimus

Allegiance: Autobot
Sub-Group: Minibots
Function: Reconniter
Transformation: Pontiac Trans Am

Strength: 7
Intelligence: 8
Speed: 10
Endurance: 7
Rank: 7
Courage: 9
Firepower: 6
Skill: 8

"The quickest way between two points is the accelerator."

Profile: Speed beats greed every time Bandit is on the road, and he strives to make sure it stays that way. Easily the fastest of Jaw Crusher's Minibots, Bandit can get across even the toughest of terrain simply by flooring the pedal; even the most roadworthy of Prometheus' warped underlings, like Strain, Overpass, or Graft, have a hard time keeping up with him, if they can at all in a high-speed confrontation. But it's not enough that Bandit simply keep himself in optimum traveling condition - there's a deeper motivation to his need for velocity. Bandit knows every time Crusher deploys him, lives are at stake. Bandit is deeply committed to making sure that nothing and no one obstructs his path, and if he isn't swerving around innocents he's mowing down everything else. This is a facet of Bandit's personality little seen beneath the smug, cocky back-woods demeanor he projects; the verbal barbs he shoots at those who come into conflict with him, be they comrades in disagreement with him or pursuers bent on running him right off the road, are part of an arsenal he's quick to utilize. Still, despite his rough edges, he's loyal to the mission of Crusher and the other Minibots, and there's a large part of him that simply cannot stand to see the roadways terrorized by the likes of Prometheus' wrecking crew. He masks the scars of a thousand horrendous memories with humor, knowing it's one of the few means a Minibot has to maintain their sanity in the midst of a quest as intense as that of thwarting Prometheus' gruesome re-envisioning of the multiverse. And nowhere is the importance of this quest better evidenced to him than in the grateful expressions and gestures of immense appreciation bestowed on Crusher's team by those whose lives they have saved. Bandit knows even one 'bot can't save everyone, but it's what he does accomplish that's important, and that's why Bandit pushes himself to be the fastest and most sharp-witted Minibot around. This persona has become as much a part of who he is as an instrument to benefit Crusher's crew, and it's a rare thing to see someone who takes their ruckus-rousing seriously. There are some among the ranks who don't quite understand Bandit's ways, and even a few who take some offense, but since Bandit can often be found in the company of some of the team's female complement - Pepper, Drifter, and Futura, most notably - there's no denying that he's got a certain charisma that makes it hard to completely dislike him. And though Bandit knows there'll be a day when someone has finally outpaced him, he intends to rack up as much mileage as possible before that day comes - for when he's gone, he'll have left some pretty deep treadmarks.

Abilities: In vehicle mode, Bandit rivals Strain, able to travel in excess of 350 miles an hour, and his smaller mass gives him greater maneuverability and ability to handle harsh road conditions - rain, sleet, oil, gravel, you name it, he'll zip across it like a turbofox in hunting season. His frame has also been reinforced as the result of Prometheus' experimentation for greater impact resistance and durability against laser fire. In robot mode, he also possesses enhanced reflexes and auditory and visual acuity, and is a first-class shot.

Weaknesses: Because he prides himself on being fast, Bandit also burns up fuel like no other member of Jaw Crusher's team. This is a critical flaw in Bandit's means of operating, since if he were to run out of fuel in the middle of a heated pursuit, his assailants would rip right through him. He also risks being maneuvered and cornered by pursuers into tight spots from which he can't move any further.


My seventh TF 'repaint' character. This is meant to be a black version of Windcharger, of course. The character's name and persona, however, were inspired by a classic 'speed' film, "Smokey & The Bandit", which actually I haven't seen in quite a long time. And if some of the other names I've included above seem a little unfamiliar, those are from some upcoming re-decoes I've got cooking up; I've got Overpass done already, but I'm working on another Minibot to submit before I bring him in.
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