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Geebee by Jochimus Geebee by Jochimus

Allegiance: Autobot
Sub-Group: Minibots
Function: Transporter and Warrior
Transformation: Truck Cab

Strength: 10
Intelligence: 9
Speed: 7
Endurance: 10
Rank: 6
Courage: 9
Firepower: 5
Skill: 9

"Strength of body is nothing without strength of mind."

Profile: Geebee is the strong, silent type among Jaw Crusher's entourage - a towering combination of brute strength and experienced wisdom whose actions usually do most of his talking. It's not entirely clear to the rest of the Minibots why Geebee is such a solitary figure when he could very easily dominate the rest of the team, but both Jaw Crusher and Prometheus know the tragic truth behind Geebee - that in the swirl of violence and terror that preceded Geebee's capture by Graft and Icebox, Geebee was inadvertently responsible for the death of his best friend. This single tragedy created more torment and pain for Geebee than anything Prometheus dared inflict on him, and when Crusher led the rebellion against Prometheus and his underlings, Geebee sensed a chance for redemption, which he abruptly seized by using his tremendous physical power to rip apart Prometheus' security detail and instigate an effective turning of the tide that enabled the team to escape. But even that failed to alleviate the guilt that Geebee continues to feel consuming his spark, and so he distances himself from the rest of the Minibots, perhaps attempting to avoid growing any closer to them and thus not have his soul torn apart by another senseless death. Still, some semblance of the gentle giant within remains, for in moments when the others are endangered, Geebee is one of the first to the scene, ready to defend his teammates' lives if need be, even if it means risking or possibly losing his own. This is probably what keeps Geebee going every day - dedicating his strength and experience to battling the likes of Prometheus and his Decepticon associates, in the intent of making sure no one else had to suffer because of him. Jaw Crusher has never seen any reason to divulge this fact to the rest of the team; he knows that dwelling on it would create difficulty to understand for some among their ranks, and the more passionate warriors like Isolde and Lowroad might not be very welcoming anymore to one connected to the death of one of his own comrades, accidental or not. Prometheus and his goons, on the other hand, never had any compunction against wielding this terrible memory against Geebee like they would their own disruptor pistols or missile launchers - until they learned that this tactic only serves to aggravate Geebee's battle temperament even further, and once ignited, that temperament can become an insurmountable rage that can propel Geebee to triumphing over his foes just by sheer force of will against the most brutal artillery fire. Prometheus and his gang have since learned to downplay Geebee's own tragic miscalculation.

Abilities: Geebee already possessed incredible physical strength for a Minibot before Prometheus got his slimy dexterital modulators on him. Not only can he can lift 55,000 pounds, but Geebee also has increased endurance and impressive speed for one of his build, and when combined these two factors amount to a powerful hand-to-hand fighter who's more than once held his own against Prometheus' own hired muscle Graft. His enhanced sensory systems can also provide instantaneous and detailed data feeds which his sharp analytical mind can often use to the team's advantage at propitious moments.

Weaknesses: Apart from the massive power requirements he must have in order to exercise his impressive physical skills, Geebee also generates a distinctive Energon signature as the result of these capabilities that makes him an easy target for Decepticon attackers. While he can certainly endure conventional fire enough to be an ideal practitioner in diversionary runs and offer up a decoy when needed, more powerful explosive projectiles can be critically damaging at inopportune moments for Crusher and his crew.


My fourteenth re-deco TF character, a yellow Huffer. If the character's color and name sound a little derivative, well, yes, I suppose there was a subconscious influence by Bumblebee, but then considering the fact that Bumblebee had his name and colors well over four million years before anyone on Cybertron knew that such a creature as a bumblebee actually existed, I don't see reason to complain about it too much.
Tiger-Prime Featured By Owner May 25, 2006
I love Geebee's bio :aww: :#1:
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