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Highroad by Jochimus Highroad by Jochimus

Allegiance: Autobot
Sub-Group: Minibots
Function: Reconniter
Transformation: Land Rover Defender 4x4

Strength: 9
Intelligence: 7
Speed: 6
Endurance: 8
Rank: 6
Courage: 9
Firepower: 5
Skill: 7

"The path not traveled is where you'll find me."

Profile: Highroad lives for the road, for clambering up jagged mountain ranges, for trenching through the Arctic plains, for tumbling down the Egyptian dunes - and it's not necessarily because he enjoys the thrill of it all. Sure, Highroad always presents himself in public as a congenial type, easy-going, always willing to share a story - just don't expect it to be true. So uncomfortable has Highroad been with social graces that he's developed a mostly-unerring knack for making up life experiences and past relationships that he's never had. What's more, most beings he shares these accounts with believe him. If nothing else, Highroad is the smoothest huckster you've ever met; his 'anecdotes' are just vivid enough to have cognitive resonance, and just vague enough to infer that even someone as 'well-lived' as Highroad can't remember everything that's happened to him in the course of a lifetime. Maybe it's because outside of Prometheus' chamber of horrors, Highroad doesn't really have much memory of having any kind of life. So he makes stuff up. The other Minibots in Jaw Crusher's employ often joke that Highroad's autobiography would no doubt sell like Kremzeek Cola Classic, even if it were revealed to be nothing but fiction, just from the publicity of being exposed as a fake. Still, Jaw Crusher realized early on that having one with a talent for exaggeration like Highroad's could prove useful under the right circumstances, and since that time Crusher has assigned Highroad to various capacities which would involve lengthy discourse with certain subjects in order to elicit needed information from them. The purpose of this is not to get Highroad to be truthful - in fact, Highroad's penchant for untruth most often fascinates listeners so much that it can take them off their guard when they should be keeping their own mouths shut. But even Highroad has his limits when it comes to having his imagination dictated by someone else, so on many occasions a drive even through the harshest environments will help him cool off and collect his wits, knowing he'll need them when he has to face the fallout from those who've learned that his stories are at best inaccurate. Likewise, this adaptability to multiple types of terrain makes Highroad an ideal reconnaissance agent and infiltrator, and often the scent of disruptor fire being exchanged can be enough to revitalize Highroad, and above all remind him that at the end of the day, it's what he does accomplish even when lying through his teeth that counts the most.

Abilities: Highroad is among the strongest of Crusher's team, able to lift up to 250,000 lbs. thanks to the upgrades made to his body by Prometheus. In robot mode he could even topple a four-story office building with adequate effort. In vehicle mode he is adaptable to deep-sea ocean-floor travel, volcanic-eruption zones, the Arctic tundra, the Gobi desert, the Brazilian jungles - just about any type of semi-firm terrain that can be traversed. Highroad also possesses enhanced stamina, able to withstand more firepower than most other Minibots.

Weaknesses: So imaginative can Highroad be in conjuring up 'memories' that he risks tripping himself up when he can't recall specific elements later on if someone exposed to his previous account should bring it up, or fails to retell them correctly when others are asked to hear his tales, which could potentially jeopardize his credibility at inopportune moments. He also risks letting his mind relax too much when traveling alone in vehicle mode, lest a foe get the drop on him.


My sixth TF 'repaint' character. This one is, of course, based on G1 Brawn, but I re-worked the arms from the toy a little bit in order to make them look a little less goofy - that's one of the things I find really inconvenient about drawing G1 or G1-styled characters: the lack of consistency between the original Marvel designs and the toys upon which they were based. My subsequent re-decos will also reflect this re-design philosophy, so don't panic.
Tiger-Prime Featured By Owner May 17, 2006
Another awesome charater & bio & pic, Jochimus :#1:
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