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Icebox by Jochimus Icebox by Jochimus

Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Retriever/Sentinel
Transformation: Cybertronian Motorcycle

Strength: 9
Intelligence: 9
Speed: 9
Endurance: 8
Rank: 7
Courage: 7
Firepower: 8
Skill: 8

"All things grow cold in time."

Profile: Icebox is the most roadworthy of all of Prometheus' underlings...he's also the creepiest and most insane. No one else in the group will go near him, except perhaps Graft, and even then because Graft already has to spend so much time with Icebox on recon and infiltration. Icebox isn't quite right in the cerebral casing, taking a level of pride in his gruesome work that borders on the strangely artistic - he always seems to get use out of experimental subjects even if they don't survive Prometheus' inflictions, as evidenced by a twisted gallery of frozen protoforms, whole and in pieces, which he delights in displaying and sharing with those around him, be they friend or foe. None of the other members of Prometheus' gang take any sort of pleasure in this; it's just too morbid for their tastes and Icebox's deceitful nature often leads some of them to wonder if perhaps the three-wheeled menace doesn't have something similar in store for them if they should ever disappoint Prometheus again. Yet for all his madness, there is the slightest hint of a method to all of it. Prometheus lets Icebox pretty much do whatever he pleases to the remains of the scientist's more unfortunate subjects, so long as Icebox consistently gets results in his assigned tasks. Turret and Dragonfly spend so much time in the field that they're glad they don't have to look at Icebox on most days, Overpass will only speak to Icebox if he has to, and Strain simply refuses to stand anywhere near him, possibly being the only other Transformer she encounters at any moment besides Prometheus that she would not dare risk angering. As for what Jaw Crusher's Dozen thinks of Icebox, granted, he creeps them out just as much, but still they regard him as they do any other opponent - he'll have to be dealt with no matter what the circumstances. Icebox seems to know that any measure of intimidation he gives to those around him is more out of unease than outright fear, but he doesn't really care about that - he just takes pride in using his 'artistic ability' to the benefit of the Decepticons. Icebox isn't quite sure what he'd do if he were part of any other Decepticon camp, where the only creativity acceptable is in how much of a pile one can conjure from the lifeless bodies of Autobots - he's not sure he'd be able to handle it very long and what little fragments of his temper have been seen so far are truly a terrifying sight to behold. When Icebox gets mad, skyscrapers crumble, jammed roadways turn to icy death, and the would-be 'sculptor' can potentially be the most destructive of Prometheus' lackeys, rivaling even Turret. Of course, Icebox cares little for making friends - or at least making friends any differently than with the process by which he already does such with the bodies of Prometheus' victims.

Abilities: Icebox possesses an inordinate amount of firepower for one of his proficiency, particularly unusual given that he never really employs any of it at its maximum potential. He can fire disabling energy-pulses from his front wheel by popping a wheelie; the result usually causes a victim's molecular structure to grind to a halt, frozen in an unstable state. In robot mode, Icebox has one arm which he uses as a rapid-fire high-intensity cryogenic beam capable of freezing four feet of solid steel into brittle that caves in on itself in less than three seconds. The other hand deploys a grappling magnet which can enable him to latch onto fleeing opponents or drag them into his range.

Weaknesses: Icebox is so eccentric that oft times his thought patterns are so scattered he often loses track of any one task at any given moment, both in the laboratory and on the battlefield. This can make him easily bewildered to the point of suffering a neural breakdown of catastrophic proportions for Prometheus and his goons. His cryogenic blaster also tends to burn out his arm circuitry if used any longer than one minute in any given situation, rendering his arm limp and lifeless for the better part of an hour afterwards. And despite his high level of maneuverability on street surfaces in vehicle mode, more rugged terrain can easily pose a problem for his wheelbase in robot mode because of the shift in weight.


My seventeenth re-painted TF character. I've been working my way back through the various TF series up to G1 for my villains - I've still got two more to go (Beast Wars and G2), and I've already got a pretty good idea which molds I'll use for those two. Incidentally, Icebox here is another character meant to pay homage to an old '70s movie - in this case, he's kind of inspired by that creepy robot Box in the movie "Logan's Run". I can't watch that thing now without that guy giving me the heebie-jeebies.
Tiger-Prime Featured By Owner May 28, 2006
Hasbro needs to do a repaint of BM Thrust as your TF Icebox :#1:
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May 28, 2006
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