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Jaw Crusher by Jochimus Jaw Crusher by Jochimus

Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Tracker
Transformation: Shark Monster

Strength: 8
Intelligence: 6
Speed: 6
Endurance: 8
Rank: 9
Courage: 8
Firepower: 5
Skill: 7

"Always take care of your teeth - you never know whose limbs you'll have in them."

Profile: Every scientist, even one as mad as the Decepticon interrogator Prometheus, has their failures as well as their successes - but which one Jaw Crusher qualifies as could be disputed. Although the menace of Unicron and his machinations hardly perturbed Prometheus as it would any other Transformer, Prometheus knew that a conflict with products of Unicron's wrath would be inevitable if Prometheus were to achieve his goal of reshaping all life in the cosmos to his desire. To this end, Prometheus decided to draw upon his storehouse of knowledge collected from his dimension-hopping, selecting protoforms, trapping sparks, experimenting with technological combinations in a bid to create the perfect army, one that could not only destroy but cannibalize and assimilate other civilizations and cultures into Prometheus' vision. Utilizing the spark of a Junkion - due to its sensitivity to certain programming techniques evidenced by the culture's upbringing on radio and television - and the protoform of a Sharkticon - the drone-like properties of which made it ideal for enhanced combat resiliency - Prometheus created a Transformer that was intended to be the first in a line of new soldiers that could devastate even the largest Sharkticon force. But an attempted coup by one of Prometheus' abducted living subjects changed all that. Abruptly activated prior to spark re-encoding, Jaw Crusher's first image was of a female Minibot trying to free him so that together they could make their escape; with tragic irony, his would be the last face she would ever see, for she had only gotten one side of him unshackled when Prometheus cut her down with his Energon axe. Enraged, Crusher smashed open his remaining bonds and engaged the much-larger Prometheus in a brief duel, relying alternately on rage and irreverence to take Prometheus just off-guard enough for the evil one to ignore the liberation of the other Minibots. Delivering an incapacitating surprise blow to Prometheus, Crusher rallied the twelve remaining Minibots, hijacked Prometheus' yacht Galatea, and took off into the stars. Jaw has never forgotten that nameless Minibot who gave her life for his in his waking moments, and knowing that Prometheus had little more planned for them but to be toys he could play with or break at his leisure, Jaw Crusher has resolved not to allow Prometheus to inflict his gruesome whims on any others as long as it's in Jaw's power to stp him. Despite Jaw's childlike sensibilities and naivete, his commitment to removing Prometheus from the equation of existence is something he takes very seriously, and it's that passion that has motivated the Minibot escapees to join him in his quest.

Abilities: Though he has little aquatic experience or comfort with such, Jaw Crusher already has a cruising speed of 150 knots even through the most gelatinous murk. The typical Sharkticon rifle, which fires corrosive salt-based liquid, has been upgraded by Prometheus with faster and more complete dissolvency. In addition, like all Sharkticons, Jaw Crusher brandishes a heavy spiked mace which he utilizes in hand-to-hand combat quite effectively; in their initial face-off, Crusher manipulated this weapon on an even keel with Prometheus' own Energon axe, verifying that Prometheus did encode his neural circuitry with some basic combat subroutines despite Crusher's quick escape from Prometheus' clutches and a complete re-writing of his core program.

Weaknesses: Because of the conflict between his bolstered ethical capacities and his ruthless problem-solving approach, Jaw Crusher has two facets to his psyche - one gentle and productive; the other sadistic and monstrous. It's hard to tell in combat whether the more benevolent aspect has any influence, and when he's in the middle of a fight it's never very wise to approach him about it. His reluctance to get in the water also brings embarrasment for him, which only compounds his inner turmoil. His Sharkticon mode also complicates efforts to gain others' trust given how much the Sharkticons are despised across the multiverse.


Another TF character I made up. This one is yet another reflection of myself - for some reason I'm fixated by sharks and robots, so since I couldn't settle on just one to relate to I figured a Transformer would provide the perfect chance to combine them, since there already are shark (or shark-like) Transformers. I connected his origin to my previous TF character, Prometheus, with the intent of building a whole 'cast' of sorts. I'm working on the pencils and inks for two more as I write this; I hope to get them posted soon.
Tiger-Prime Featured By Owner May 13, 2006
I love Jaw Crusher's Bio :#1:
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