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Moray by Jochimus Moray by Jochimus

Allegiance: Autobot
Sub-Group: Minibots
Function: Naval Warfare
Transformation: Hovercraft

Strength: 6
Intelligence: 9
Speed: 8
Endurance: 7
Rank: 7
Courage: 10
Firepower: 8
Skill: 8

"Hope floats; hate sinks."

Profile: Moray really wants to be the best of friends with her teammates, but that can be difficult when someone as tightly-adherent to her responsibilities as Moray isn't as adept at sociability as the others. Moray's efforts to be helpful and friendly always come off as a bit awkward for all involved, yet she persists. Her teammates definitely give her credit for trying, although some of them are not quite sure that Moray has a handle on her manners yet. The reasoning for this is quite simple: Moray may not be well-versed in social graces, but she is a model Autobot warrior, always keeping a level head in the middle of the inferno and wielding her combat skills with the best of them. She never underestimates her foes and is always thinking even under the most brutal of battle scenarios, always looking for a way to turn a situation to her advantage and give her opponents the shake. Moray is one of Jaw Crusher's most reliable team members, one who never backs down from the most challenging crisis. Unfortunately, this complicates Moray's efforts to be able to pal around with her teammates, particularly those who have personal issues to sort out. They know that they'll never be as efficient a soldier as Moray, and it often causes them to keep their distance from her. Drifter has taken Moray under her wing, trying to help her be a little more personable while still being able to maintain her optimum performance on the battlefield, and this has probably done more good than any of Moray's own self-instituted efforts to become something more than a good soldier. Crusher often turns to Moray as one of a triad of advisors during the team's most complex situations, and working with Nimbus and Pepper has gone a long way to helping Moray be able to walk the fine line between being authoritative when needed and being approachable. Moray's persistence is her greatest asset; even her enemies know this. Many a time there has been when Dragonfly, the only Decepticon in Prometheus' entourage who can best physically engage Moray on her own field, has found himself utterly flummoxed by Moray as a combatant, which gives her the edge in almost every face-off between the two. Even one with the talent of freezing water solid, like Icebox, has found that his abilities ultimately have very little effect on Moray's will to succeed. It only remains for Moray's teammates to be able to see her as something more than some role model who raises the bar every time they are required to work together; the friendships have been slow in developing, but there is little doubt among the lot of them that Moray is destined to be one of the greatest of their ranks.

Abilities: Moray can reach speeds of up to 200 knots and has a 6500-mile range in hovercraft mode, thanks largely to Prometheus' augmentations. In addition, Moray is also equipped with sonar and radar apparatus which she can use in both modes, in addition to being armed with underwater and surface-to-air laser cannons and hand-mounted energy blasters. She is also installed with wheels which enable her to have enhanced mobility on land, both in vehicle mode and robot mode; in robot mode she can use them to propel herself like roller-skates.

Weaknesses: While Moray is proficient as a warrior whether by land or by sea, it's when she has to shift from one to the other that she has problems; the transformation, combined with recalibrating her weaponry for land use, often causes glitches in her internal systems. In addition, Moray so immerses herself in the surf when at sea that she never bothers to dry herself off in the heat of battle when summoned to her comrades' aid, and most of her teammates are not physically equipped to ward off the corrosive effects of seawater.


My eighteenth TF re-paint character, an orange feminine variation on Seaspray. This is the last of my Minibot re-decoes, as it happens to be the last of the Minibot molds - there were only 12 that I know of. I have yet to finish the line art on the remaining two villains in my group - Turret and Dragonfly - but before I do I do wanna space this thing out a little bit more by doing some other tech specs for some of the larger ships and other vehicles used by Jaw Crusher's Dozen (since their leader's alt-mode isn't vehicular), as well as those of Prometheus and his minions.
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