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Orion Pax - Earth Alt by Jochimus Orion Pax - Earth Alt by Jochimus
Orion Pax - known to Transformers G1 'toon groupies as Optimus Prime - belongs to Hasbro.

This is an interesting piece as my notebook scribbles go - it's another one of those I did back when Dreamwave was still in business; I'm sure the 'young Optimus' element of it was inspired directly by the "War Within" books. What's interesting about it, at least to me, is that it predates the 2007 movie and the new Transformers Animated show, and yet in retrospect there's parts of it that are rather prescient:

* Here I depicted a younger version of Optimus Prime assuming the Earth alt-mode of a pickup (borrowed somewhat from my OC [link] ), not unlike the new cartoon's portrayal of Optimus.

* Also, you'll note the red-flames-on-blue deco, this a good year or so before the first images of Prime's Peterbilt alt-mode for the film were released.

Now, taking the bio information on this guy into account - [link] , and the fact that Alternator Nemesis Prime's bio released shortly after I posted that is not all that different - it seems weird, at least to me, that I've been drawing stuff that runs parallel to what Hasbro has ended up doing. Not that I would ever want to make a claim to any such ideas or concepts - I don't own the characters, and since this is fanart it's not like I'm asking permission from Hasbro to draw these things anyway - it just strikes me as unnerving how much someone as (relatively) untalented as I am has been 'foreseeing'.

In any case, I post it here for your enjoyment.
charactermaker27 Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2013  Student Artist
Awesome!  I've been fantasizing, or trying to, what orion would look like for my fan fiction, and you... have made my next work a whole lot easier!
goku252525 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2007
this is cool man
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