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Pepper by Jochimus Pepper by Jochimus

Allegiance: Autobot
Sub-Group: Minibots
Function: Warrior
Transformation: Volkswagen Beetle

Strength: 5
Intelligence: 8
Speed: 6
Endurance: 8
Rank: 8
Courage: 10
Firepower: 5
Skill: 7

"Always be unpredictable - even to yourself."

Profile: Pepper is the most off-the-wall of all of Jaw Crusher's Minibot compatriots - she rarely employs the same strategy twice in combat, or at least makes it a point not to. This tends to create unease among her allies as well as her foes, yet Pepper's insistence on being as spontaneous and indeterminate as possible in any given battlefield scenario is only a part of her great value to the group's cause. Pepper prides herself on finding the best in the worst of situations, in thinking outside-the-box, in coming up with resolutions that no one in their right mind would have thought of and yet will still come off with the desired results. Perhaps it's because of her own near-death experiences at the hands of Prometheus that this shift in her personality has come about - she barely survived the installation of 'shaker' technology that was inflicted upon herself and her closest comrade Isolde, but once she came to amid the chaos of the violent rebellion against their captor by Jaw Crusher, Pepper quickly ascertained that her new capabilities would prove advantageous in the days ahead. Since that time, Pepper has been an invaluable asset to Crusher, engineering new and different means of pursuing, entrapping, and engaging any of Prometheus' subsequent 'specimens' - the many vicious clones that the mad Decepticon scientist has been concocting one after another in a bid to hunt down and destroy Crusher and his team. But Pepper so commits herself to being as much a wild card as she can be that it often frustrates her attempts to solidify her relationship with her teammates and can complicate reliance upon her burgeoning skills as an Autobot warrior since there is no way of being comfortably sure with Pepper's involvement in any given task. This is something that can frustrate Pepper as well, but she realizes that her pinballing persona is a vital component to the success of the team's efforts to bring Prometheus to justice, and she must constantly remind herself of this fact, even if it means being unable to establish firm common ground with those who do have need of her - for the sake of ensuring that the atrocities Prometheus inflicted upon herself, her sister-in-arms, Crusher, her teammates, and countless others who proved less fortunate, are ground to a halt. That being the case, Pepper can only hope that in time, the other Minibots will realize why it's important for her to be extra-spontaneous.

Abilities: In addition to improved energy efficiency, visual acuity, and adaptability to multiple environments, Pepper was also endowed, as was Isolde, with the power to generate low-frequency groundwaves through her feet which can cause earthquakes that register 7.6 on the Richter Scale, not unlike the infamous Decepticon communications operatives Rumble and Frenzy upon whom Prometheus modeled this upgrade; this shared talent has earned the ladies the quirky collective nickname "The Shaker Sisters". Pepper's small size also allows for greater speed, and she brandishes a pistol quite ably.

Weaknesses: Despite her tremendous powers, Pepper's diminuitive stature doesn't mean much in the event that an airborne foe may move in for hand-to-hand combat. Pepper doesn't possess the single-mindedness that Isolde does in intense situations, but her scattershot manner can be just as problematic under the most dire of circumstances, with particular regard to the civilian factor - she has had to get into the habit of assessing battle zones carefully before engaging an enemy in order to reduce the risk to the defenseless.


My fourth TF 'repaint' character. My original plan was to come up with characters based on early multi-colored versions of some of the Minibots that were first made available in Argentina - hence, Pepper would have been a green Cliffjumper re-deco. But I decided to get the most mileage I could out of what G1 Minibot molds exist by and large. And even though the original G1 Bumblebee toy didn't have that 'anime' head, the recent Takara six-pack Minibot reissue did have an anime-styled new head, which in all honesty I'm much fonder of than the old one.
Tiger-Prime Featured By Owner May 15, 2006
Another awesome bio & pic

It's also the second time the G1 bumblebee mould was used as a female

First was Glyph [link]
Tiger-Prime Featured By Owner May 15, 2006
The 2nd repaint to use this mould as a female, first was TFU Glyph [link]

Also anthor awesome pic & bio
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