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Save The Sharks...Or Else by Jochimus Save The Sharks...Or Else by Jochimus
Another drawing I did in the past year of Jaws Chiptooth cheerfully addressing a shark poacher, in this case adventurer/scumbag Derek Tauer, a villain I modeled somewhat on Tom Selleck after I saw a commercial with Selleck speaking on behalf of Ducks Unlimited to preserve waterfowl nearly a week after his infamous grilling by Rosie O'Donnell. I try very hard not to be a bleeding-heart liberal (the news editor I work with is, and the man drives me f***ing crazy almost every day), but after seeing this ad so soon after the Rosie debacle, I just thought it was too hypocritical, and by that nature hilarious, to pass up taking a shot.

I read somewhere recently that the hammerhead shark is almost 99 percent extinct. :( I think sharks have a bad rap still, which is really stupid since to my recollection they haven't done anything that any grizzly bear, tiger or black widow spider hasn't done. And as for the apparent surge in reported U.S. shark attacks (at least as glorified by the media), keep in mind only a few dozen such attacks are reported each year, whereas MILLIONS of sharks are killed in the same space of time.

I decided that this development would be ideal for Jaws Chiptooth to address, so when he's not posing as a 'costumed entertainer' at a theme park or having to confront the occasional super-powered egomaniac, he's usually running down shark poachers and making them BEG to be eaten before it's all said and done.
Sea-Wolf88 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2006
:headbang: SAVE THE SHARKS!! :headbang:
Tiger-Prime Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2006
Awesome pic, love the expression on Chip

The world needs sharks to keep the oceans & seas in balance
Teku-San Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2006
That's pretty cool!
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