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Solitaire by Jochimus Solitaire by Jochimus

Allegiance: Autobot
Sub-Group: Minibots
Function: Communications
Transformation: Flying Saucer

Strength: 5
Intellignce: 7
Speed: 10
Endurance: 7
Rank: 5
Courage: 9
Firepower: 6
Skill: 9

"A good solo act can make the best drama even better."

Profile: Solitaire is sort of a lone wolf among Jaw Crusher's Dozen, and that's the way she likes it. She is not averse to taking on the most rigorous, difficult, and altogether unmanageable tasks, despite her relative inexperience and physical unsuitability for the job. She's eager to be the best Autobot warrior she can be, which is nothing if not a curious ambition for one who really is not equipped for combat in any way, shape, or form. If there's any value to Solitaire's stubborness, it's in the fact that her eagerness to accomplish great things can rub off on her teammates and get them to overcome their own frictions and differences long enough to achieve seomthing. Solitaire has trouble understanding why it's important for her not to overexert herself as she does; she sees the Decepticons as an immediate threat to the safety of the multiverse and wants to do everything in her power to protect the innocent from their wrath. Crusher, Pepper, Moray and Nimbus have made an effort to try to instill some self-control in Solitaire, lest her penchant for ending up in a repair bay lead her to the state of disillusionment that has overtaken the likes of Isolde and Lowroad, who have no problem utilizing Solitaire to take on dangerous objectives that a more mature and sensible Minibot would know was beyond their capabilities. Crusher has ascertained that, like most of the other Minibots, the experiences Solitaire endured in Prometheus' clutches were probably most responsible for her present disposition - but whether her ambition is due to her desire to see justice carried out, or because she's attempting to block out the horrific memories of that nightmare by being enthusiastic and optimistic is anyone's guess. It's hard to tell since Solitaire so values her time alone as much as she does being an active member of the team, and even then her attitude usually exhibits traits of both eagerness and intense perceptibility, a rare combination for one as solitary as Solitaire. About the only Minibot she seems to have any inclination to spend any time with is Nimbus, due largely to their shared aerial orientation; Nimbus is the only Minibot in the group who could physically keep up the pace with Solitaire. Trouble is, in as much as Nimbus attempts to help Solitaire keep herself in check in intense situations, Solitaire also tries to prompt Nimbus to exercise more direct and forceful efforts to take on their opponents. Solitaire's intense reactionary nature often creates difficulties for Nimbus' hopes of helping her control herself, indeed suggesting an emotional repression factor going back to Prometheus, as no one who knew Solitaire prior to her capture recalls her being such a fiery sort. This, combined with Solitaire's young age among the Minibots, poses a risk to her performance as a member of Jaw Crusher's Dozen, and most of her teammates hope they can help Solitaire move beyond this personality flaw before it's too late.

Abilities: As a spaceship, Solitaire possesses optimum communications ability and traveling velocity, able to zip along at 65,000 miles per hour. Her visual acuity from above is among the best in the ranks of Crusher's Dozen, able to pinpoint a frisbee at 800 miles up, and her ability to travel just above a planet's atmosphere at top speed qualifies her for various intelligence missions when other Minibots aren't up to the job. This talent is also especially effective when Solitaire transmits and reflects communications signals from below, and when coupled with the particle beam that she can deploy in either mode, it can also make her a more formidable aerial combatant.

Weaknesses: Solitaire so prides herself on being able to do things her way that it often causes her to get in over her head in critical assignments, and she often overestimates her abilities even in spaceship mode - a flying saucer is not exactly the most intimidating alt-mode that the Decepticons have ever seen, nor is it a particularly effective disguise on more primitive worlds like Earth. Solitaire is also physically one of the weakest of Jaw Crusher's associates, which is dangerous enough without the added incentive it gives her to try to work harder, and basically overcompensate.


My sixteenth TF re-deco character, a pink female variation of Cosmos. Cosmos was also one of the first Minibots that I ever got, and there was just something about him I always kind of sympathized with. I'm almost finished with my Minibot crew here - I'm down to Moray now, but first I'm going to bring in Icebox sometime tomorrow; I was in a bit of a rush to get the rest of the 'team' done before the Memorial Day break.
SPITEFUL-SEVEN Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2006   Photographer
I've still got my Solitaire figure stored somewhere in a box with all my childhood toys :)
Tiger-Prime Featured By Owner May 27, 2006
Love this Fenale TF UFO already :D :aww:
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