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NektannNeightyFour Featured By Owner May 2, 2014
Whatever happened to Jaws Chiptooth?
Jochimus Featured By Owner May 3, 2014
A number of things, but primarily: the story fell apart on me and I lost focus. 

One of the biggest problems was that I was essentially making it up as I went - I had rough ideas, but no script to go by; I tried actually writing it at least three or four times beforehand, but there wasn't enough consistency throughout for me to have a clear focus of where to take the story next..

I should point out that the only 'draft', such as it was, that I ever was able to assemble beginning to end with any of the characters I had settled on was the first one - I say 'assemble' rather than 'write' because it was literally assorted scenes taken directly out of various killer-sea-creature movies only with my characters in place of the ones that were there, patchworked together into an entirely different order.  I intended that to be my 'guide' for when I would actually sit my butt down and try to write it, so that I could polish and tweak and re-work - I think, though, that with later attempts to actually write the bloody thing the comic-book-intrigue aspect started to overtake the killer-shark aspect far too much. 

I think that's where the REAL problem was, trying to get the two takes to crystallize into one thing, because since then I've gone back to trying to rework the core concept and I'm still very much in the process of doing that - the difference is that, instead of trying to fit the two different angles together, I decided to separate them and see which one materializes first, and surprisingly, I've been making much faster progress.  Bear in mind it took me a good 10 years from the time I first created Chiptooth in earnest to actually start doing the model sheets and try to do the first issue of the story, and I was creating characters, backstory, etc. all through then, so I wasn't idle.  By comparison, the comic-book-intrigue version (which now has become a full-blown futuristic sci-fi story) I've been working on for little over a year and is already at the halfway point where my Chiptooth material was in a fraction of the time, and the killer-shark aspect (which plays up the Westworld/Jurassic Park theme-park side of things) that I only started a few months ago is forming twice as quickly.

I've obviously spent too many years on this to abandon it.  My problem is FOCUS, and thankfully dividing it into two separate concepts has actually helped a lot.
NektannNeightyFour Featured By Owner May 4, 2014
I'm planning on starting an MLP project that blends a lot of elements from different sources in a manner eimilar how you assembled the Jaws Chiptooth universe.
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